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Industry Blog

CDRH Announces Partnership to Develop New Methods to Accelerate Diagnostic Device Development for Underserved Populations

The FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) is announcing a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to create new analytical methods to help the development of breath-based diagnostic devices for disease detection in underserved populations

Trial Results For New Lung Cancer Drug are ‘Off the Charts’, Say Doctors

More than half of patients (60%) diagnosed with advanced forms of lung cancer who took lorlatinib were still alive five years later with no progression in their disease, data presented at the world’s largest cancer conference showed. The rate was 8% in patients treated with a standard drug, the trial found.

New Report: Critically Low Lung Cancer Screening Rates Reveal Opportunity to Save More Lives

American Lung Association’s report examines toll of lung cancer state-by-state, underscores urgent need for more people to be screened

It’s Official: Meet 4 of the Country’s Most Impressive Healthcare Startups

A quartet of companies on Wednesday were selected among the 44 companies that presented at MedCity INVEST, MedCity News' healthcare investing conference.

Wearable Breath Analysis?

Recent advancements in material science, synthetic biology, and engineering have paved the way for wearable breath analysis technologies, promising a new era of non-invasive diagnostics.

UofL Teams Up with Company to Help Lung Cancer Diagnosis

In an exciting development in the fight against lung cancer, the University of Louisville has teamed up with Breath Diagnostics to pioneer a groundbreaking detection technology.

OneBreath™ by Breath Diagnostics

OneBreath™ may save your life.

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