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Would you give one breath if you could detect lung cancer and other diseases?

Introducing OneBreath™

A unique technology platform developed by Breath Diagnostics to quantitatively analyze organic compounds in a single breath to detect lung cancer and other diseases.1

Our highly portable system will be readily available to patients through medical providers.1

In contrast to a Low-Dose CT Scan, OneBreath is a quicker and easier way of lung cancer diagnosis. We are currently enrolling patients for our 2nd generation system Pilot Study.

Breath Collection

Patients provide one complete breath via a unique collection system in less than 30 seconds.

Breath Processing and Analysis

In a simple automated process, the OneBreath™ micro-reactor captures the organic compounds contained in the breath. Once captured, the samples is analyzed in our laboratories.

Get Results

Results will be available within 3-4 business days.

Why OneBreath™?

OneBreath™ provides a safe, convenient, and inexpensive way to identify lung cancer in at risk patients, before they know they have a problem.1

Accurate Results

OneBreath™ detects lung cancer with fewer false positives and higher specificity than a low-dose CT scan.


The OneBreath™ system increases access to potentially life-saving lung cancer screenings by being portable enough for use in a physician's office or local pharmacy.


The OneBreath™ technology platform demonstrates a lower false positive rate versus CT scans, reducing the number of unnecessary follow-up diagnostic procedures.

Easy to Use

The simplicity of the OneBreath™ system provides the potential to enhance screening compliance due to the fact that only a single breath is required.

Research & Publications

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Grail seeks FDA approval for its Galleri test, which can detect tumors long before symptoms develop. But critics worry that the costs are too high.
February 4, 2024
Wearable Breath Analysis?
Biomarkers in breath can be related to certain diseases, which makes breath-based analysis a powerful diagnostic tool. Here the milestones and remaining challenges are highlighted for the broad clinical implementation of wearables for breath analysis.
January 23, 2023


To the promise of breath based lung cancer diagnostics and what Breath diagnostics could offer patients
"Technology like OneBreath has so much potential for improving and saving lives."
Dr. Kevin Gardner
Executive VP Research and Innovation, University of Louisville
OneBreath™ by Breath Diagnostics

OneBreath™ may save your life.

Contact us to discover the future of lung cancer screening or click below to learn more.1